Appetite for Innovation 2021 - Fermentation: technological advances and industrial applications

The whole of Vitagora’s network on fermentation at your fingertips

Friday April 30th, 2021

FRIDAY APRIL 30TH, 2021 9:45 AM TO 12:30PM (UTC+2)




APPETITE FOR INNOVATION is Vitagora’s flagship business networking event, providing access to its vast innovation ecosystem.


Taking part in this 2021 edition of APPETITE FOR INNOVATION is your chance to discover Vitagora’s cutting-edge science and technology capabilities on fermentation, to help you meet your business needs and become part of the next big thing in food.


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Appetite for Innovation is an event strictly reserved for Vitagora members. Non-members: please, contact Vitagora.

Appetite for Innovation is an event strictly reserved for Vitagora members. Non-members: please, contact us.

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Healthy, with a long shelf life, authentic and traditional, or even exotic... Fermented foods are one of the hottest trends, and the forecast for the fermented food market shows growth potential. In 2021, Vitagora has decided to devote a full edition of its Appetite For Innovation event to fermentation. Research programs, innovations: come and discover how fermentation addresses technological challenges (taste, clean label, preservation, etc.) of the food industry.

An edition of "Appetite for Innovation" dedicated to fermentation

  • Fermentation for flavour, to develop gut microbiota, or to reduce sugar and salt content: with this edition of Appetite for Innovation, discover the expertise of Vitagora's network on fermentation throughout 3 challenges!  
  • Manufacturers, private and public research laboratories, start-ups: for each challenge, various experts from the Vitagora network will be presented.

  • Japan, Canada, France ... In 2021, Appetite for Innovation gets international! Discover Vitagora's experts from all over the world. 



Please note: Appetite for Innovation is an event strictly reserved for Vitagora members.

  • Members: free
  • Non-members: please contact Bérengère Moindrot, international development manager of Vitagora


Date and connection

  • Friday, April 30th, 2021, 09:45 AM (UTC+2)
  • 100% online event. A few days before the event, you will receive a Zoom link to connect live.


Program details


    Consumer trends and expectations (clean label, health, nutrition, taste, etc.): how can fermentation be a solution? Matthieu Brun, head of studies and academic partnerships at Club Demeter. 



    How can fermentation help manufacturers develop products with balanced organoleptic characteristics? And in particular, in a “clean label” reformulation process? To tackle this challenge, we will present to you the following experts:

    • Emmanuel Jamet from Fromagerie BEL, who will present a practical case about the design of microbial ecosystems to improve aromatic superiority.
    • Elise Bourcier from the R&D lab C&DAC,
    • Loïc Briand, research director and director of the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behaviour (CSGA).
    • Adam Benslimane from the start-up Kedelai
    • Dr SAIGUSA Noriaki from Sojo University in Japan, on the following subject: "Effect of koji mold on sweetness and umami under various culture parameter"


  • THE HEALTH CHALLENGE: promote the development of intestinal microbiota
    How can fermented products contribute to consumer gut health? And how can manufacturers apply such an approach in the development of their products? To tackle this challenge, we will present to you the following experts: 
    • Cyril Chaudemande from General Mills to present a practical case related to the RESTORBIOME project which aims to develop new generation prebiotic molecules 
    • Pr. Laurent Beney, director of the French lab UMR PAM (Food &Wine Science & Technology), a major player in scientific and technological progress in the field of food and wine
    • The UMR Micalis (Micalis Institute) specialist in Food Microbiology for Health, who will present the DOPEOS project
    • Pascal Ronfard from Solactis : "Microbiota recipe: the industrial point of view"
    • Louis Baqué, from the Good Vie start-up, specialised in fermented drinks 
    • Joseph Lupien-Meilleur​, from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Institute on Nutrition and Functional Foods, Laval University, Quebec, Canada- INAF, on the subject "Fermented foods and microbiota: creating, improving and validating new products innovative through an integrated set of in vitro approaches "
    • Dr. KIMOTO Hiromi, from NARO, the Japanese national agricultural and food research organization, on the subject "Role of fermented milk made by a new lactic acid bacterium"


  • THE NUTRITIONAL CHALLENGE: reducing sugar and salt through fermentation

    How can fermentation help reduce the sugar and salt levels in your food products? To tackle this challenge, we will present to you the following experts: 

    • Eméline Rebillard, from Nutrisens, a French company specialising in medical nutrition and health nutrition for professionals, will present a practical case: "How to reduce sugar in food without impacting taste? " 
    • Alain Etiévant, from Atelier du fruit, which supports companies in the food industry, in Research & Development around natural processes
    • Julien Maenhout, from the  Jarres Crues start-up, producing lacto-fermented organic fresh vegetable 
    • Dr. KAWAI Takayuki, from NARO, the Japanese national agricultural and food research organisation, on the subject "Salt Reducing Methods of Fermented Pickles for Japanese Foods"



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