04 Apr 2017

3 Foodtech projets for Vitagora in 2016

Three new innovation projects under the theme of FoodTech were added to Vitagora's project portfolio in 2016: Store Connect, Wise, et Foodintech.



Data used to optimise client in-store experience


The project Store Connect has the goal of drastically improving customer experience inside brick and mortar stores, thanks to the use of smartphones and sensors for localising and creating tailored interactions.


This project will allow retail players to strengthen their positions in the face of competition from e-commerce. The connected digital store can thus be used to leverage new customer services and to gain in operational efficiency.


Store Connect is lead by a consortium of SMEs (Neosensys, Tevolys, Ubudu, Smile), two retail players (STIME of the Les Mousquetaires) group, Leroy-Merlin), et the INRIA research centres in Lille and Sophia Antipolis.



Sensing odours for applications in taste, well-being and health


The aim of the Wise project is to create a new generation of multi-use, portable, electronic noses, able to identify odours in a given context.


The project was founded in the context of a current search for effective technologies for odour analysis specific to two main applications: high added-value markets (health, medical diagnostics) and the market of consumer cooking appliances, sensors and connected objects for consumer use.


Wise brings together 8 partners: Aryballe Technologies, Prestodiag, Cemag Consulting, Groupe Seb, GIP Mind, CEA Inac, GIPSA Lab, et l’Ecole des Mines d’Alès.



New technologies for measuring food intake of elderly patients


Malnutrition among nursing home or dependant elderly is a major area of concern for public health authorities. Lead by ATOL Conseil et Développement and Dijon's university hospital, in partnership with Yumain (formerly Global Sensing Technologies), Foodintech aims to develop a photographic method of measuring and analysing  food and nutritional intake to allow elderly care facilities and hospitals to better adapt care practices.


By improving care of elderly patients, this method will enable nutritional aides to adjust the nutritional profile of meals according to patient profiles (type fo eater, intake capacity, specific nutritional needs). In addition, the tool will be a time saver for measuring food intake and will have a significant impact on reducing food waste. 


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