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17 Dec 2019

How to get a foothold in baby food markets in France

The market for baby food in France was estimated in 2018 to be worth 803 million euros. While a valuable market, it has none-the-less showed signs of contracting (-1.7% in value and -2.5% in volume) in the first half of 2018 (source: LSA). The woes of this market can be explained to some extent by falling birthrates in France and recent food scares. According to a YouGov survey (source: YouGov), 17% of parents were unsatisfied with the food…

12 Nov 2019

Older consumers in France: how to get to know them?

A survey carried out by Kantar Worldpanel in 2018 showed us that older consumers in France are les interested by retailer own brands than they were 10 years ago ( you can find out more here -in French). A fast-growing segment of France's population, projected to reach 39% in 2070 (INSEE), it is also a segment with a lot of buying power and a strong taste for quality in their food purchases. However, they are also a group of consumers that is…

29 Oct 2019

Plant-based alternatives to meat

A huge challenge: how to please everyone   The plant-based substitute market is booming in France, with an increase of 80% in sales recorded in France in 2016. Beyond this trend, consumers are making a host of expectations known: new sources of protein for health and environmental reasons, anti-animal exploitation, ease of preparation … Attracted by many opportunities, agri-food manufacturers have launched plenty of meat free products such as…

01 Oct 2019

A bread to fight against elderly malnutrition

A little loaf of bread, baptised “G-Nutrition”, has caused quite a stir in among elderly care professionals. This bread is the result of a long development process aiming to meet the nutritional needs of the elderly, as well as being perfectly adapted to their taste preferences and eating abilities. As of 2018, it became the first "everyday" food product to receive authorisation to be refundable by French Social Security, in recognition of its im…

19 Jul 2019

Fermented products: a strong trend in French food markets

If you are paying attention to food trends like we do, you are very likely to have seen a lot of press devoted to consumer interest in fermented foods and beverages. This is no surprise as the fermented food and ingredient market is projected to grow from $512.19 billion in the year 2018 to $689.34 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.12% from 2018 to 2023. While the trend is visible across the globe, in 2018 Europe led the way in terms o…

19 Jul 2019

Sensory analysis and statistics to understand your consumers

How do we know if a product will be appreciated by consumers? What target segment should you choose when you launch a product? Sensory analysis and statistics offer relevant methods to identify both the characteristics of a product and consumer acceptability. What are the possible applications for the food industry? How to use the results?   What interest for agri-food business? How is your product perceived? This is essential for i…

19 Mar 2019

Packaging: eco-design and recycling can reduce environmental impact

Awareness of the environmental cost of plastic waste from food packaging is now widespread amont consumers and food professionals. In addition, new regulations are inciting our sector to develop innovative solutions to get around the vast problem. For all that, plastic is still the material used in 98% of food packaging.   To address this major challenge for the food sector, what solutions are on offer that offer genuinely sustainable solu…

23 Jan 2019

Faba beans, a humble hero for food formulation and nutrition

What do you know about fava beans? A member of the legume family, this plant is commonly used as a green manure or cover crop to enrich agricultural soils, although field peas are more widely used in this regard. Rich in starch and protein, making it an excellent choice for animal feed, it features only rarely in western diets. Which is a terrible shame! From a nutritional and a food formulation point of view, fava beans are hiding their val…


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