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In keeping with Vitagora's mission to foster the emergence of food business innovation, the cluster publishes new and information on innovations and trends. These publications are open to comments to allow web users to express opinions.


We believe that open discussion is a strong factor in helping innovation emerge, and we are happy for ideas, suggestions, observations to be shared.


However, there are a few rules of conduct regarding these comments, which are post-moderated, without entering too much into legal jargon:

  • Please respect current laws and regulations, which may lead us to delete any comments that are defamatory, racist, obscene, inciting violence. etc.
  • Please respect basic rules of courtousy: not sharing an individuals opinion should not lead to offensive statement and discussions must remain respectful.
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By taking part in these comments, you are tacitly accepting the above rules. Comments contravening these rules will be moderated and may be deleted.


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