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With our expertise, vision and ecosystem, we make agri-food innovation a growth driver for your business.




From 900€ per year*

Other organisations: 1250 € per year

*Sliding scale based on revenue. VAT not included


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Why become a member of Vitagora?

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We help you deploy your solutions and technologies to Agri-food B2B markets, in Europe and the world.


A dynamic network

More than

550 members

Including 60 multinationals 
(Nestlé, Danone, General Mills…)


A program of 

B2B events

> Our events and individual business connections help you to identify and meet your future clients in France and abroad.

> Our communication channels and events promote your solutions to our whole ecosystem.

> We help you to evaluate the market potential of your solution: strategic mapping and analysis of competitors and B2B opportunities in markets around the world.

We provide you with individual expert support to access your target markets faster and in managing the risks.

 We have supported over

220 innovation projects

involving more than

500 partners


500M€ in investments 

> We identify innovation or research project opportunities in France and Europe.

Our experienced team of project engineers guides you in the set-up of your innovation projects: partner search, IP management, funding search etc.

> Our "Europe Watch" team provides specific guidance to optimise your chances of success during European Commission project calls. 


80 international missions

lead by Vitagora to 25 countries

And over

100 delegations

hosted in France

> We organise partnering missions to other countries to help you promote your expertise and solutions.

> We provide individual support to boost your international development: diagnostics, actions plans, partner search etc.


Vitagora provides a range of practical services and tools to address the daily challenges of running a business.

Included in your membership are practical services covering the following areas:

> All business sectors: Human resources, Strategy and finances, Regulatory affaires, Intellectual property...
> Specific to the Agri-food sector: Quality assurance, Production & logistics, Export...


We help Agri-food businesses, from SMEs to multinationals, make innovation a key to their competitive edge.



> More than 550 members:
Start-ups, SMEs, multinationals, private and public research organisations, universities etc.

Our lively network covers the whole world with members on many continents.

> A rich R&D knowledge base:
Innovateurs, visionaries and scientific or technological knowledge providers, in France and throughout the world

> A professionally managed network:
We provide individual on-demand connections and frequent meeting opportunities: scientific events, international delegations, B2B conventions...


We help you to target and analyse emerging signals of market trends, and to extract actionable insights.

> Access our publications: trend reports, our network's key knowledge providers, market and technology intelligence.

> Identify experts: intelligence or scouting reports of start-ups, innovators or emerging technologies around the world.

> Open communication channels to accelerate your ecosystem building: learning expeditions or meeting sessions with targeted contacts or to discover regional knowledge clusters around the world.


We have supported over

220 innovation projects

involving over

500 partners


500M€ in investment

> We identify innovation or research project opportunities in France and Europe.

Our experienced team of project engineers guides you in the set-up of your innovation projects: partner search, IP management, funding search, market strategy etc.

> Our "Europe Watch" team provides specific guidance to optimise your chances of success during European Commission project calls. 


We help you to collaborate with start-ups or to develop a culture of agile innovation within your company.

> Build bridges to the world of start-ups: organise a pitch contest, get access to the start-up community of ToasterLAB, Vitagora's Agri-food accelerator.

> Accelerate and secure the launch of start-ups: all of ToasterLAB's expertise to boost the development of the start-ups you partner with.

> Reconnect with agile innovation: we provide you with individual support to optimise your agile innovation processes, to boost your intrapreneurship projects, or to challenge your business model and kickstart new sources of revenue.


Vitagora provides a range of practical services and tools to address the daily challenges of running a business.

Our Agri-food business support services cover the following areas:

> Quality assurance, Production & logistics, Export, Human resources, Strategy and finances, Regulatory affairs, Intellectual property...




Vitagora's guarantees


15 years
of expertise

An experienced, multidisciplinary team at your side dedicated to Agri-food innovation (food and innovation engineers, strategic intelligence analysts, international development, business models, marketing etc.)

Your Vitagora
project manager 


We help you to formulate your needs, and provide personalised, practical answers for maximum results.



Our innovation cluster is dedicated to analysing and decrypting current and emerging problems of the Agri-food sector, and to identifying and developing appropriate technological solutions.


A rich and diverse

You will access a network of over 550 members of Vitagora, in France and throughout the world, including more than 60 agri-food multinationals and leading researchers in science and technologies.





Do you want to become a member of Vitagora?


Bérengère Moindrot

+33 380 78 97 91


Compte-tenu des mesures prises par le gouvernement, concernant la situation sanitaire liée à la propagation du virus COVID-19, toutes les réunions physiques, manifestations, et visites en entreprise sont à nouveau suspendues à partir du vendredi 30 octobre 2020 à minima jusqu'au 1er décembre.

Cependant, tout comme lors du confinement de printemps, toute l’équipe Vitagora adopte des mesures de télétravail et reste entièrement disponible pour répondre à vos questions et demandes liées aux services et actions proposés par Vitagora.

Nous vous rappelons qu’une cellule de crise au sein de Vitagora liée à l’impact du COVID-19 sur l’activité de nos entreprises agroalimentaires régionales, en lien avec l’ANIA et les autorités régionales, est toujours en place.

Vous pouvez joindre cette cellule de crise pour toute demande relative à ce sujet au 06 72 39 66 96, Tom Vaudoux, ou par email, au

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