23 Feb 2018

How to build a food cluster: Algeria learn from the example of Vitagora

On Tuesday, February 20th, a delegation of representatives of the Algerdian Ministry of Industries and Mines and the Mitidja Entrepreneurs Club came to Dijon for a meeting with the French clusters Vitagora, Terralia and Céréales Vallée. The goal was to learn from the experience of the French clusters to build their own cluster in Algeria.

Vitagora, a model of best practices

With the aim of stimulating technological innovation and industry in Algeria, the Ministry of Industry and Mines (MIM) has turned to the French model of cluster management. Within a twinning project between Algeria and the consortium of European Union countries, MIM was oriented towards Vitagora by the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance.


"We are always very pleased to host official delegations from other countries, especially with the support of the French Ministry. This is an excellent indication of the national and international recognition of our excellence in cluster management, as was born out by the recent extension of our Gold Label award," confirms Pierre Guez, president of Vitagora.

Discussions on concret actions

"French clusters have 12 years of experience and knowledge. Bringing together the public and private sector, contributing to the growth of their territories, generating R&D projects, finding means of funding: we came to Vitagora to find a set of recommendations and best practices," explained Sarah Noune-Nabila, director of studies in charge of Food and Manufacturing. "We are very satisfied with the pragmatic advice we recieved from Vitagora that will allow us to accelerate the construction of our own cluster in the region of Mitidja."


The Algerian visitors expressed their satisfaction with the discussion with the three French food industry clusters, and more widely with the other French clusters encountered.


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