15 Feb 2018

Gold Label: Vitagora remains among Europe's elite clusters

With a score of 96%, the European Cluster Excellence Intitiative (ECEI) has reawarded the Gold Label to Vitagora. During the audit, the cluster management policy, the positive mindset and the healthy level of private funding were identified as particularly strong points. This award allows Vitagora to remain among Europe's highest performing clusters, currently held by 15 clusters in France and 56 clusters throughout Europe.


A European label of excellence

The European Gold Label is awarded by the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI). As of January 2018, 15 of the 70 French innovation clusters hold the label. It was created by the ECEI in order to promote the best practices of European clusters.


Vitagora was first awarded the label in 2015, following an audit on 31 points of evaluation including internal management, activities, ecosystem management, and results. Fur the successful extension of the award, Vitagora obtained a grade of 96/100, improving its 2015 score by 4 points, well above the minimum score of 80/100 needed to obtain the Gold Label.


Among the strengths identified by the auditors was the positive evolution of the level of private funding of the cluster, and the strengthening of the team's skills set through recruitment and internal training. The auditors also highlighted the excellent mentality of the cluster's management always striving for improvement and excellence.





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