20 Dec 2019

Last news about New Frontiers in Food – Fast Forward : a European project to boost SME's internationalisation

Find the latest news about New Frontiers in Food – Fast Forward (NF4) the European project to boost SME's internationalisation.

The New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward action plan will be oriented towards three value chains representing strong development potential:

  1. The connected food markets
  2. The functional foods and health ingredients markets
  3. The manufactured food products markets

In parellel, four international zones have been identified by the consortium: Canada, USA, China and Brazil.

A number of new services are being offered to SMEs looking for internationalisation support: development diagnostics, assistance in strategic goal setting, partner searches and targeted business contacts, as well as various support services (legal, regulatory and logistical assistance), international partnering missions, European events, service vouchers etc.


To find out more about opportunities for partnering with the New Frontiers in Food networks, contact Nicolas Machado: nicolas.machado@vitagora.com


Download the flashnews here.

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