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Privacy policy

Acquisition and treatment of personal data

We allow ourselves the right to acquire data concerning the visitors to this site when they subscribe to our publications, submit questionnaires or forms on the website.

We commit to using this data only for follow up or to adapt the contents of our communications with subscribers

We commit to never selling, trading or sharing this data with a third party.

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By browsing this website, you consent explicitly to the use of cookies for memorising your subscriber profil, to measure visitor activity (Google Analytics) and in order to target relevant audiences (social network tags: Facebook and Twitter). These cookies are used to improve visitor experience to the website and to target offers and occasional services related to the activities of Vitagora or its partners. The website is thus able to access data stored on your electronic communications device and to save data on your device.


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The use of trackers/cookies for the capture of personal data is subject to the GDPR directive coming into force on May 25th, 2018.


Links with third parties

Occasionally, subject to our approval, our website may offer or integrate products or services of third parties. These third party websites function according to privacy policies independant and distinct from our own. We cannot be held responsable for any activities or contents of these third party sites. However, in order to protect the integrity of our website, we will carefully moderate all comments posted on this website.


Email correspondance

According to CAN-SPAM rules, we confirm that we will:

  • Not use misleading email adresses or email subject lines
  • Identify in a reasonable manner all paid advertising messages
  • Include the postal address of our company and headquarters in the email body
  • Vet the content of all third party marketing content
  • Respect absolutely all requests to unsubscribe
  • Authorise users to unsubscribe using a dedicated link at the bottom of each email sent

At any moment, you may unsubscribe from our lists or request to receive no more emails from us by sending a message to , at which time we will immediately delete your email address from all correspondance.


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