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Created in 1946, this SME is a specialist in the health and nutrition food service markets with 12 million patients served per year. With innovation as a major driver, FSI reinvests 20% of its turnover in R&D.

FSI has been a member of Vitagora since 2013.


"Within the Vitagora network, we were able to find leading experts in elderly malnutrition. These connections led us to join a collaborative research project called Renessens. Up till that moment, we had been working on the treatment of the pathology itself. Now, we are able to work on solutions that go beyond purely medical responses. That is thanks to Vitagora."

Bernard d'Oriano, CEO 


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SEB Group [large company]

A Burgundian company with more than 150 years of history, SEB earned international recognition with the launch of its pressure cooker in the 1950s. Today, it is the world leader in small domestic appliances and is present in 150 countries.



SEB has been a member of Vitagora since 2006.


"We have relied on Vitagora to provide us with connections within its vast network in order to quickly develop our knowledge around a number of subjects, in order to set up innovation projects. These connections allowed us to accelerate the process and even gain a headstart, in particular concerning rice cooking and digital applications for cooking. Without Vitagora, we would be less advanced than we are today."

Thierry Coutureau, R&D director 


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ATOL Conseils et Développements [SME]

A Burgundy-based SME, Atol is a specialist in designing and building professional web and mobile applications, to contribute to their clients' development: virtualisation, mapping, CMS, industrial solutions etc.


ATOL has been a member of Vitagora since 2015.


"Innovation is at the heart of our strategy. We have a team of high-level experts and a lot of ideas. However, industrial partnerships and access to a network of scientific experts has been harder to come by. We therefore made the choice to join Vitagora in order to enlarge our network. Very quickly the cluster's services and direct connections with experts have helped us to build our projects: a first project was accredited less than a year into our membership!"

Jean-Philippe Porcherot, Managing Director


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Cependant, tout comme lors du confinement de printemps, toute l’équipe Vitagora adopte des mesures de télétravail et reste entièrement disponible pour répondre à vos questions et demandes liées aux services et actions proposés par Vitagora.

Nous vous rappelons qu’une cellule de crise au sein de Vitagora liée à l’impact du COVID-19 sur l’activité de nos entreprises agroalimentaires régionales, en lien avec l’ANIA et les autorités régionales, est toujours en place.

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