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Sensostat [SME]

Sensostat is a young company created in 2010 by two engineers specialised in sensory analysis.


Sensostat has been a member of Vitagora since 2010, seeking to promote its expertise and develop its activities.


"By joining Vitagora, we gained a lot of visibility among a network of potential clients in France and Europe, through events and one-to-one connections. Abroad, we were even able to sign a contract with a Japanese firm."

Christine Urbano et Eric Tellier, Co-Gérants


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Salaisons Sabatier [SME]

A family-owned SME from Burgundy, Salaisons Sabatier makes deli meat products in the regional tradition, adapted to the tastes and usages of 21st century consumers and in the respect of environmental resources.

The company has been a member of Vitagora since 2009, and has led ambitious research projects on active packaging solutions and recycling of factory by-products.


"We have radically changed our image. Thanks to the innovation projects carried out with the help of Vitagora, we have transformed from a regional and traditional SME into an innovative company. Our clients and suppliers are now convinced of our ability to innovate."

Arnaud Sabatier, CEO


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Algama [start-up]

Algama is a French start-up founded in 2013 by three childhood friends. A specialist in microalgae, Algama has the goal of transforming microalgae from a dietary supplement to staple food, consumed as an integral part of our diet.


The start-up has been a member of Vitagora since 2014.


"By taking part in a Vitagora Café meeting, we were able to make a number of very useful contacts for our fundraising goals. We are a young company and Vitagora's help to raise our profile was a huge boost to our development."

Gaëtan Gohin, co-founder


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Emulsar [SME]

The SME Emulsar was created in 2004 by two brothers, Christophe and Frédéric Arnaud. Emulsar designs, develops and produces innovative ingredients in the form of emulsions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


They are partners in the SLIM R&D project and have been a member of Vitagora since 2014.


"The profile of Emulsar in the food sector has been significantly developed since we joined Vitagora. The cluster's promotion of our innovation expertise for food business has helped in two ways: through direct business connections, leading to innovation projects with Yoplait and Haagen Dasz, for example, and through regular events that are an important source of contacts. Vitagora has also been an external source of credibility and was instrumental in our selection for a Horizon2020 SME program."

Frédéric Arnaud, Managing director


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Laboratoires Spiral [SME]

Created in 1975, Laboratoires Spiral carries out technology transfer and feasability studies for the development of products, equipment and processes.


The company has been a member of Vitagora since its launch and Michel Prost, founder and CEO, is Vitagora's vice-president.


"Christophe Breuillet and his team have carried out a huge job of developing the cluster's international network. Thanks to this, I have been to Volgograd several times to set up a partnership with MegaMix and Europa Biofarm. It was an invaluable assistance for an SME such as Laboratoires Spiral, without which it would have been difficult to get a foothold in Russia."

Michel Prost, CEO


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Atelier du Fruit [Start-up]

ATELIER DU FRUIT is a start-up who helps companies in the world of food, in Research & Development around natural processes. The start-up was part of the 3rd promotion of ToasterLAB, the Agri-Food acceleration program by Vitagora.


« Thanks to Vitagora, we joined a learning mission to Canada in 2018, for which we received an excellent preparation (market data etc.). Once there, we were able to take part in a number of meetings. Today, Vitagora continues to give us support with the contacts we made and has allowed us to identify the right people and organisations to initiate joint projects as well as launching our products in Canada. »

Alain Etiévant, Managing director


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