Vitagora's key knowledge area - Agro-ecology

Agro-ecology, for managing quality, yield and environmental impact


More than ever, quality food production must emanate from environmentally sound practices, in response to consumer, social and environmental pressures.


In order to address the challenge, Vitagora brings together scientific excellence and a range of innovative solution provides to allow food and agri-business leaders to meet targets in terms of quality and sustainability.


Here is a glimpse of our expertise and actions in response to the challenge of agro-ecology:






Labex SPS

UMR Agro-ecology and LabEx SPS: a fantastic potential for plant research

Preserving soil biodiversity - 3 innovative solutions by Vitagora members


Plant proteins: 3 projects develop food industry applications for pulses

pulse farming

What conditions would favour a greater uptake of pulse farming?

High-speed phenotyping

Phenotyping: high tech tools at the service of sustainable agriculture





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Vitagora has long understood that providing food and agri-business with knowledge, insights and an innovation fostering environment is the key to translating ideas into opportunities, and opportunities into industry success stories.


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