Vitagora's key knowledge area - Nutrition and Health

Food to preserve human health - meeting consumer needs


Consumers are ever more demanding of food that contributes positively to maintaining their health and wellness, right through to old age.


Leveraging emerging science and technology, as well as the health impact of taste behaviours, Vitagora mobilises and guides its members towards the development of knowledge, products and services adapted to the nutritional needs of various consumer segments.



Here are a few examples of our innovation expertise and actions in favour of consumer health through food:






senior bread

A bread to fight against elderly malnutrition

less fat salt and sugar

TERIFIQ - strategies for reducing fat, salt and sugar in processed foods


Lipoproteins - vectorisation of vitamin E in the brain to treat Alzheimers?

fat taste

Oro-sensory detection of lipids - Is fat our 6th taste?

microorganisms food

Microorganisms and food - 3 leading research units





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Vitagora has long understood that providing food and agri-business with knowledge, insights and an innovation-fostering environment is the key to translating ideas into opportunities, and opportunities into industry success stories.


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