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Science technology conference

The 24 October at 12h 00 / Lille, France

Meet Vitagora and its network in Lille, France for in depth discussions on proteins and sustainable production methods. Contact Anne-Céline Renaud:

Vitagora event

The 12 November at 09h 30 / Dijon, France

In November, 2018, Vitagora will host a delegation from the KBBC cluster on topics such as: fermentation, plants, natural food, new usages. Contact us to find out more: Anne-Céline Renaud:

International mission

The 02 December at 12h 00 / Brazil

Vitagora and its partners are putting together a mission to discover the opportunities of collaborating with Brazilian food markets. If you are looking for contacts with European SMEs and experts, contact us to find out more: Anne-Céline Renaud

Science technology conference

The 13 May at 12h 00 / Dijon, France

The 9th International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics (ICLGG) will take place in Dijon on May 13-17, 2019. Organised by Vitagora and INRA, the event promised the international dissemination of the latest in legume sciences for the scientific and business communities in order o contribute relevant answers to challenges of environmental su…

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